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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Year in reflection.

Its been 2 years since that fateful day of Oct 1st, 2013. Its now Sept 16th, 2015. I constantly look back and analyze my life and make sure I am on some track or plan or anything.

A few things that this last year has showed me. Struggle is never ending. No matter where you are, where you are at, the struggle is real. That doesn't mean you have to live in struggle it just means that life is a struggle. You struggle to survive, you struggle to do the right things, you struggle to live your life how you feel it should be. Struggling is what you make it. I read a quote this morning, it said the more success you achieve the more difficult the problems we face. I am paraphrasing here but it spoke to me. It told me that every time I achieve something I want. Something else is going to crop up! How we deal with these struggles internal and external plays an important role in our development as a human being.

I learned that learning is fundamental. I constantly read. I read about self-improvement, money management, time management, social skills, selling skills, social media skills, small business, investing. Pretty much no subject is free from my prying hands and wandering eyes. Why? One I enjoy to read, but in ones life time 100 years my experiences will never been enough to master all of these subjects from direct experience (they say 10,000 hours of practicing a subject is mastery, average life of 75 years = 657,000 hours, math 75*365*24 . 75 years by 365 days in a year by 24 hours in a day).  So, if you read a subject constantly and take that knowledge and make it your own, you might be able to say master it in less time or would you really want to spend every year mastering one subject? That might be cool taking one year to learn something new each year.

I have also learned that people who care about you will care about you no matter who or what you are. That doesn't mean that you can be a crazy psycho killer ( or it could you never know ) but people who like you are going to see the good in you and enjoy your presence. I have had some amazing friends that I have lost touch with in the past few years and I came and went, did my thing and tried to not be an inconvenience to most people. But, sometimes just sometimes people want to be inconvenienced if the issue is important enough. That doesn't mean take advantage of that person, but you have to be an equal force in their life as your own and they will be the same for you. ( I love all my friends who read this and who understand my crazy ass!)

For everyone else. I am a survivor. I learned I will survive just about anything and everything. If I can do it so can you. Have faith, be strong, be more to yourself and someone in your life. Give a helping hand. Don't let that one hour of misery affect(effect) a life time of purpose.